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Our Story: Mother's Peace Urban Farm

... began as a dream.. a vision of living our values of cultivating health, wellness and connected communities.

Health, Wellness & Flavor are the spices of life

Super-fresh, nutritionally-dense sustainably-grown organic food tastes better... How cool is that!!! We grow for flavor rather than for durability in transport or for ease of mechanical harvesting. That is a very fortunate luxury... we can focus on health and deliciousness.


Sharing food is the heart of community. We grow food to nurture an ever-expanding community of people who love eating and feeding their families healthy food as well as those who are learning about the joys of preparing and eating healthy food. We cultivate more than vegetables. We are creating a space for cultivating relationships - people with plants, kids with chickens, flowers with bees... Each of us with food and this food system, with life on this tiny farm & with each other.

As we develop capacity by selling our veggies, flowers and other farm-made items, we are able to expand our work creatively combating food insecurity in our community. In May 2018, we received Mid-Ohio Foodbank's Urban Agriculture Grant to support our efforts to expand access to fresh produce for everyone in our community. We are honored to receive that vote of confidence in our work. The grant enabled us to extend our growing season and farm more efficiently. This increased capacity has allowed us to expand our partnership with the Refugee Community Gardens serving the Nepalese community in Columbus.

Evolution of an Urban Farm

Mother's Peace Urban Farm started in one Clintonville backyard, providing weekly shares of the harvest to about a dozen families. Today, we grow in 5 different lots and provide specialty veggies to several local restaurants as well as shares of the harvest to families. Kids in our Pre-K Farm Camp love picking and eating veggies right out of the field. They particularly love feeding  and petting the chickens. Our bees pollinate our crops and give us wonderful honey.

Several times each season we host Harvest Happy Hours where we serve food made with fruits and veggies we have harvested as well as eggs from the chickens. During the winter we host bread and soup dinners highlighting Fall/Winter crops and some that we have preserved. The food is wonderful, but even more delightful is spending time with others who love and value living a healthy lifestyle and promoting local food and the local economy.

More than Veggies

We know that there is more to healthy living than fresh organic sustainably-grown veggies. We now offer a variety of activities that promote a holistic approach to health & wellness. Join us for Meditation, Mother's Peace Urban Farm School Courses & Workshops, Pre-K Urban Farm Camp.

HHH family fun


At least quarterly, we host a food-centered gathering.

Happy Hours here feature Delicious Chef-Prepared Backyard Farm to Patio Table food to share.

Now that we can grow food through the colder months, we will be able to feature MPUF veggies at our Bread & Soup Dinners



This year we are building a culinary herb garden with herbs are available anytime as part of your share of the harvest.

We are also, transitioning or original growing space to more of a Food Forest with a focus on edible landscape that also includes medicinal herbs and mushrooms... stay tuned!



Mother's Peace is again this year growing seedlings for Nepalese refugee gardeners growing at a nearby community garden. We will also be able to share a fair amount of seeds with them as well. We are currently working with them to write a grant to help them get water to the site.

Join Us!

Invest in very fresh, super healthy food from your neighborhood urban farm & reap myriad benefits for your body & soul